There isn’t much time left in the Hrum’s self-imposed limit—only a few months.  If in that time they don’t put down all of Farsala, then the Farsalans will regain their independence, and those previously taken into slavery will be returned to their homeland.

Ceaselessly, Soraya, Kavi, and Jiaan work to keep control of what little land remains free from Hrum rule: parts of the countryside, the badlands, and the walled city of Mazad.  They have most of the peasantry, a small, untrained army, and the Suud helping them, but there is still one important piece missing: a sword that is able to withstand a blow from the Hrum’s watersteel.  They may be able to put off loss for a while without it, but in the end Farsala will fall if it can’t win in battle.

Ages 13 and up

Simon & Schuster
Cover Art by Steve Stone

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