Rescuing a damsel in distress should be the perfect job for a knight errant…

Unfortunately <em>this</em> damsel is the liege heir’s mistress, and figuring out what happened to her will bring Michael into close contact with the court—the last thing an unredeemed man, who is dead to the law, needs. Not to mention that news of his ex-squire Fisk’s engagement might get back to Kathy’s father—which might be worse than a brush with the law!

But the heir’s mistress is Kathy’s best friend, and it looks like she really has been kidnapped. Pursuing an abducted damsel across the realm, with no help from the law, would be tricky enough. When you throw in an assassin who’s vowed to slaughter unredeemed men, the task becomes downright daunting. But it’s nothing a knight errant can’t handle…if he can figure out how to work with a partner who is no longer his squire.

Ages 14 and up

Wild Writer Books
Jacket Illustration and Art by Anna-Maria Crum

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