To save the world from an alien invasion, humanity altered their children’s genetic code—but now they’re paying the price. Earth’s younger generations are dying, slowly succumbing to a terrible disease…a disease without a cure.

Salvation may lie in outer space, in the DNA of humans who founded colonies before the alien attack. That is, if those settlers can be found. Planetary expeditions have turned up nothing but the debris of lost settlements—until Navohar. There scientist Irene Olsen has stumbled upon a population that may hold the answer. If only she can uncover the truth before time runs out…

An Adult Novel

Ms. Bell combines a clever, almost haunting mystery with fine character development and a disciplined imagination that makes her a talent to watch closely. Science fiction fans will welcome Navohar.
—Romantic Times

...Navohar is a compelling story with many unpredictable twist and turns.
—Midwest Book Review

Originally published by Roc Books, an imprint of Penguin Putnam
Republished by Wild Writer Books
Cover art by Anna-Maria Crum

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