The Books

The Knight & Rogue Series

These are a fantasy take on the classic buddy cop show, with lots of witty badinage and derring-do on the foundation of a deep friendship. Fisk is a cynical con-man who finds himself legally bound as squire to crazy knight errant–crazy, because knights errant haven’t existed for over two centuries now. But that doesn’t stop Michael, who is traveling the world in search of adventure and good deeds–and it’s hard to say whether his idealism or Fisk’s willingness to cut corners gets them into the most trouble.

The Raven Books

When a handsome youth asks Kelsa to help him heal the world’s magical leys she thinks he’s crazy–until he shapeshifts into a raven in front of her eyes. (And Jase feels much the same when the gorgeous girl who’s been trying to pick him up tries to sell him on the same quest.) But there are a few things Raven hasn’t told them about–starting with his enemies.

The Goblin Books

No one will stand against the church’s determination to execute the goblins except…a young hedgewitch who wants to avenge her mother’s execution, a knight who must stop her to keep his rebellious brother from being hanged, and the young rebel who wants to save the realm from the church–but not those pesky goblins.

The Shield, Sword & Crown Books

An ex-pickpocket and the daughter of a rebel leader must work together to save the crown prince, who has spent his life under the control of the tyrant who murdered his father.

The Farsala Trilogy

Farsala’s unbeatable cavalry is the only thing that can keep the mighty Hrum Empire from adding them to it’s many conquests–and then the cavalry fails, leaving a spoiled heiress, a young military aide to try to reverse the conquest of their nation. But they’re going to need help…the help of the merchant who helped the Hrum destroy the cavalry and kill their father.

3 Stand-alone SF Novels

Two young adult and one adult novels in which a young conquerer discovers that there are forces more powerful than military might, the last Inuit shaman realized the the undersea habitat where her scientists work is under attack by magic, and a middle-aged scientist is given a chance to reverse a plague that she herself set loose…but the price for humanity’s salvation may be too high.

And 2 Stand-alone Kids’ Fantasy Novels

In which a clutzy, scholarly young prince goes dragon-slaying on the strength of prophecy, and a young warrior born onto one side of a war discovers that his side is in the wrong.

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